5 Key Characteristics Salespeople Need to Close Deals

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Here is a helpful list of all the things you need to close deals in the Automotive industry: 


Provide Insight





1. Assertiveness 

Great sales people are assertive and focus on getting definitive answers from the buyer. The more a sales person asks the right questions, the more it leads the conversation to where the buyer can speak candidly about what they are looking for and to create an easier flow to the sale.

This is not to be confused with aggressiveness. Being assertive eliminates buyers from thinking too much and the less a buyer has to think about a purchase, the more comfortable they will be with their decision throughout the entire sales process. It also provides realistic expectations of the end result of the sale. A sales person should always ask for the sale. And if the buyer is not ready, an assertive sales person should always ask when the buyer expects to buy to pave the way for the rest of the sales cycle. 

2. Provide Insight 

Today’s customers are well informed buyers. With access to so much information, it’s rare that a buyer knows nothing about what he or she is interested in purchasing. Thus, highlighting key features about products are no longer enough as an effective sales strategy.

After listening and understanding the customer’s needs, one must incorporate a consultative approach to sales. Identify what problems the customer is looking to solve, and then highlight how your product or products meet that need. The more insight you can provide an informed buyer the more it will instill trust in the salesman and eliminate buyer’s remorse. 

3. Empathy 

An empathetic salesperson focuses on understanding the buyer’s perspective. It starts with asking the right questions and listening to the customer.

An effective salesperson listens more than they speak. By asking the right questions, the buyer will tell you everything you need to know in order to offer the best solution for them. Once you understand their perspective and needs, you may react with a tailored approach to your sale.

Techniques like “Feel, Felt, Found” are perfect in this scenario to empathetically handle objections in your sales approach. 

4. Enthusiasm 

Buyers tend to buy from salespeople that develop a relationship with them. Thus, an enthusiastic person is easy to get along with and passionate about their product.

Psychologically, we gravitate towards people that have a positive outlook and are excited about what they do. After all, who would you rather buy from? An enthusiastic, upbeat, go-getter?  Or unenthusiastic downer? 

5. Persistence 

A great sales person stays in touch with his or her customers. We all know that sales do not always happen on the first attempt. Thus, ensuring that you are following up with your customer will always keep your brand in the back of your customer’s mind.

You want to make certain that when your customer is ready to buy, they come back to your business. Also, following up after a sale is extremely critical.

The care and appreciation you provide your customers after they make a purchase leaves an impression that either leads them to come back to you next time or choose another business. Remember, buyers like making decisions where they don’t have to think, so creating an outstanding impression will build trust and set the stage for other opportunities and referrals to grow your business.


* This blog post was originally published on 12/28/2016 on dealercenter.com

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