Carketa Partners with DealerCenter

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DealerCenter has partnered with Carketa to provide their independent dealers access to a state -of- the- art inventory management reconditioning solution.  DealerCenter is an all-in-one dealer management system and mobile application.

“We are extremely excited to partner with the Carketa team and fully integrate their reconditioning software solution with DealerCenter.  We listened to our customers and are thrilled to provide another tool that they have been asking for to help them achieve their goals.”

Said Barry Lane VP of Business Development DealerCenter.

Dealercenter partners with Carketa

Carketa uniquely enables vehicle dealerships around the world to reach new heights. Customers turn their inventory quicker, increase gross, and compete above the new wave of online dealers.

For more information on Carketa’s vehicle condition reports and available integrations, see  Independent dealers can visit or contact their DealerCenter representative to take advantage of this valuable program.

“Carketa and DealerCenter share a similar vision for the rapidly changing automotive industry. This seamless partnership features one-of-a-kind reconditioning technology that is changing the game for dealers, allowing them to handle their own reconditioning process and providing digital in-depth condition reports right from their DealerCenter system,”

Shared Brady Thurgood CEO at Carketa.


About Carketa

Founded in 2019, Carketa has quickly become the top trusted source for reconditioning and current condition reports in the automotive industry. Within the fast-paced industry, dealerships face struggles in automation, communication, profit generation, and breaking into the digital space. This Utah based tech company has set out to create a software to overcome all of these issues. With an emphasis on enhancing the dealership’s internal team processes and customer experience, Carketa has been able to increase vehicles sales, increase gross profit and decrease time to market. You can get more information at
About DealerCenter

Serving over 22,000 dealers, DealerCenter is the top-rated dealer management solution in the industry. DealerCenter centralizes your entire operation, making it easy to manage your dealership. Whether cash deals, Buy Here Pay Here or outside finance, DealerCenter has all the contracts and paperwork you need to get deals done quickly and accurately.

DealerCenter also offers hosted websites, complete CRM, credit reports, auction run lists, a powerful mobile solution and much more!

DealerCenter is developed by Nowcom Corporation based in Los Angeles, CA.


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