Experian Vehicle Accident Analysis

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Los Angeles, CA October 10, 2023  – Experian releases a vehicle accident analysis that is now available online. They analyze millions data points taken from public and private sources. Compiling it all together to provide a deep analysis of vehicle accidents across the country. 

Here is a short preview of the Experian Vehicle Accident Analysis. To see the full report click the link below! 


      • After an accident, vehicle ownership households often purchase a different vehicle.  
      • Severe accidents are strong indicators that vehicle owners will purchase a different vehicle, with airbag deployments being the most compelling signal to purchase a different car.
      • The vehicle's segment affects the probability of it being declared a total loss after an accident, with Cars, Sports Cars, and CUVs being the most likely candidates, while Pickup Trucks, SUVs, and Vans are less likely to meet this fate.

See the full report: 



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