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In today’s digital age, selling your dealership’s inventory comes down to getting it found online.  Whether that’s on your dealership’s website, or a listing site, the more places that you have your vehicles listed, the better the chances are that customers will find your inventory.

As the automobile industry evolves with technology, adapting to your customers’ shopping habits and fully utilizing every free available resource can benefit you greatly on selling your vehicles to the right customers. 

Here are our favorite three free car listing sites where you can list your cars for FREE!

CarZing’s special relationships with dealers and major automotive finance companies have made it stand out from the competition!

Customers can pre-qualify for financing on the vehicle they desire, helping them feel more secure in the car-buying process, and giving you a free pre-qualified lead.  

Getting your inventory on Carzing is quick & easy and just takes a quick call to the Carzing team. Listing you inventory for free and saving more time on connecting with your high-value prospects? Listing on Carzing is a no-brainer.

A magic warehouse, Costco has nearly 90 million members.  Being the third-largest retailer in the U.S., Costco has also emerged as one of the major car sellers in the state through Costco Auto Program. The Costco Auto Program reaches nearly 60 million buyers.

Not convinced? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves – 3,000 dealerships are in partnership with Costco and 465,000 vehicles were sold by Costco in 2016. Costco’s proprietary pricing modules will help you monitor local markets and tips you off when pricing requires attention.

Its training and compliance program, as well as the one-on-one assistance support, will efficiently and effectively guide you through every microscopic facet of the program. Indeed, Costco’s offer might not excite you much as other platforms that have similar functions. But, don’t forget, there are 60 million potential customers that you can reach through Costco Auto Program, which we think makes it worth it.  

CarGurus understands the struggle in pricing your vehicles, so it assists you by analyzing millions of vehicle prices on a daily basis to validate vehicle pricing for every listing. With CarGurus, you are entitled to all the flexibility you want in terms of listing options. From the basic package that allows free inventory listings, to premium listings that let you better monitor your online inventories, CarGurus is dedicated to feeding your inventories to the shoppers that most deserve them.

If you have some extra budget, it won’t be a bad idea to upgrade your account to Dealer Display Solutions which generates ads to reach more qualified and targeted shoppers. In addition, CarGurus is more than just an online listing website – it is an auto information source that brings you the latest collective news in the auto world.    

Other than the three listing sites stated above, there are more free platforms you can use to get your inventories public. CarSoupDodah, and Lotbrowser all allow you to register as a dealer and manage your online inventories. Backpage operates in the similar classified advertisement mode as Craigslist and it’s mainly free.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which platform you use, as long as it boosts your visibility and sales, it is the right solution for you.


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